Compliance Officer


Overview of Role

The Primary responsibility of the Compliance Officer is taking ownership of consumer and business screening processes. This work involves carrying out much of the screening itself, putting in place improvements to process, systems and documentation (including assistance with the MLRO annual report) plus training others as required.

Additional responsibilities include defining new AML reports to identify “deeper” patterns of concern, work to cover compliance risks of new products.

This job encompasses dealing with most of the risks, initially in a hands-on manual manner to be followed by automation of those areas as deemed appropriate. Processes will need to be written to cover all of these new risks.

Client approval- Conducting necessary KYC/B, Sanction and PEP checks, Risk assessments and compiling a program overview for all of our corporate and consumer clients
Handling of reporting suspicious activity to the necessary authorities
Internal and External statistic reporting
Reviewing of client marketing collateral
Handling of the compliance monitoring program
Training all employees in AML, ABC and Whistleblowing
Assisting in external investigations
Some knowledge of EU AML regulations (preferably UK)
Skilled in data analysis, particularly of Excel lists and pivot tables.
Strong verbal and written communication skills are required.
3+ years’ experience in a Compliance/AML role;
Ability to work effectively and diligently on own initiative and within a team environment
Excellent attention to detail
Ability to think outside the box.
Internet savvy and highly conversant with search engines and advanced search techniques.

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