Junior Portfolio Manager

You have completed a Degree in Baking & Finance and followed up with a Masters in Finance or CFA. You invested time and money in your education so you can better understand the mesmerising world of Finance and you looked forward to the day when you can start working in portfolio management.
Only to be told that “actually, you will be a support function of the PM and then maybe , if he/she leaves you can take the place” or “you don’t have enough practical experience” , or “how about a trading role? That’s still finance, right? “
It became frustrating for you and you are probably starting to wonder whether that elusive opportunity will actually present itself.
Well, let’s just say that this may be your lucky year. We are working with a fast growing asset management business, who are expanding their services due to increased client demand and they are looking for a Junior Portfolio Manager.
You will be participating in setting and implementing the strategies within UCITS Funds and managed accounts, monitoring the funds and you will be involved in liquidity calculation, NAV estimates and you will be involved in investment committee meetings. Pretty cool, right?
It gets better – you will be under the guidance of the Director who actually started just like you – in the same role. So YOU have the re-assurance that yes, it can be done.
The salary is around 30-35,000E (depending on experience and qualifications) and this role could change your professional life.
If it sounds interesting, contact fran@nichollsmoisa.com

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