Overview of the role:
A Software Engineer at our client’s organization is technically highly skilled and versatile, with a passion for creating robust, high performing software that can delight both internal and external clients. You’ll thrive in teams of cross-functional developers and take pride in your work, keeping up to date with the latest developments in the field of technology.

We are looking for full stack developers, comfortable working on all areas of a project with an in-depth understanding of as many of the following as possible (and would call themselves an expert in at least one area):

Technical Requirements:
– ASP.NET WebApi
– C# and .NET 4.5, including async
– Agile and XP methodologies – TDD (Test Driven Development) and iterative development with continuous integration
– AngularJS / React / other JavaScript front end technologies
– SOLID code design
– SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) / Microservices architecture
– DevOps and cloud deployment (Azure, Amazon Web Services)
– REST and HTTP-based Hypermedia services
– ORMs (Object-relational mapping) such as Entity Framework
– NoSQL solutions such as MongoDB, CouchDB, Cassandra
– Responsive front end development with HTML5

You must be able of:
– Work in a team of cross-functional developers, UX and UI teams
– Help shape product decisions for internal projects and consult external clients on how technology can help take their products to the next level
– Manage scrum teams and continuous steady releases of features whilst maintaining software quality
– Handle code reviews and Pull Requests, collaborating with the team, offering and accepting feedback on your code
– Communicate clearly to all stakeholders
– Promote quality engineering and good coding practices across the company
– Mentor junior developers, helping them grow both technically and in their careers

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