Key Responsibilities:

·         Approach customers in a friendly manner and ability to adapt communication style based on customer needs and profile.

·         Take ownership of direct customer contacts and proactively expand each marketing campaign and promotion to the phone channel in order to reach targets and improve performance.

·         Monitor and analyse conversion, retention and reactivation rates.

·         Improve customer satisfaction and engagement rate.

·         Constantly optimise process of contacting customers and rewards offered in order to improve the above mentioned KPIs.

·         Propose and implement activities based on the local country attributes.

·         Develop best practices for contacting customers over the phone.

·         Collect customer opinions on key marketing practices and develop a live feedback loop for those that helps improve and drive change within the department.

·         Understand and act upon trends within the market as well as within local segment and products.

·         Provide insight into local offering and development based on primary data collected.

·         Highlight country specific facts of relevance to global campaign schedule.

·         Collaborate and provide support to the Account Management team in reaching and serving better the top tier of the brands customers.

·         Participate in country meetings and discussion forums as an advocate of the customer.

Key Competencies:

·         Fluency in Norwegian is a must.

·         Good understanding of marketing campaign planning.

·         Knowledge of key marketing practices and Customer Relationship Management.

·         Friendly, patient approach to customer communication.

·         Ability to identify opportunity and react quickly to customer feedback.

·         Knowledge of marketing KPIs.

·         Strong discipline and decision making skills.

·         Excellent understanding of the companies product portfolio and its customers.

·         Great interpersonal skills to build rapport amongst customers and internal stakeholders.



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