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Nexus is looking for the right individual to manage the company’s online media budgets, who can take on the responsibility of defining the key PPC and Display Marketing channels to support our ambitious growth plans. This is an excellent opportunity for someone who thrives in a hands-on and dynamic role.

The position involves developing and managing online media and PPC campaigns, owning day to day direction and delivery of acquisition campaigns for multiple brands. The right candidate will be a detail oriented analytics master, who is highly energetic, and harbours the knowledge and enthusiasm to drive our digital acquisition function forward.


What you do.

• You manage your media spend really well.
You analyse individual campaign performance within each step of the customers’ registration and purchase process and are able to use all the tools at your disposal to quickly and efficiently improve campaign performance, or discontinue it.

• You rock partner relationships.
You develop and maintain relationships with key media partners from whom you are expected to buy media placements across their various networks. You consistently optimise individual partner’s performance though your analytical skills, in order to achieve and exceed the targets.

• You can write and create ads.
You create, review and modify creative assets and marketing messages, in order to optimise performance of various campaigns within your remit. You work with both the marketing and creative teams, efficiently and “on the go”.

You consistently create and review campaigns through implementation of A/B splits of creative messaging. You do this for each stage of customer acquisition.


What you know.

• You know the e-commerce industry really well.
With at least 3 years’ experience in the field, you are well informed in online media conversion benchmarks, prices and ad serving platforms, across various markets and channels.

You command a network of partners.
You have developed relationships with key media agencies and networks across multiple regions and product verticals.

You know exactly what Penguin is. Hint, it’s not a bird.
You know how to work with leading ad-serving software and platforms, such as Google Analytics, Bing Web Tools, Double-click, Bannerflow, Connextra, SEMrush, etc. You are proficient in your preference of tools.

• You know data.
You command strong excel and data mining skills. You are capable in analysing, managing and extracting useful information from robust and relevant datasets.


Who you are.

You are a creative mind.
You understand marketing and demographics and are able to fire off a campaign idea and/or copy without the necessity of external support.

You’re a stickler for good spelling.
You are detail oriented and extremely diligent in your approach. You are a well organised leader that leads by example first.

You know where you are heading and how to get there.
You have a strategic mindset and are analytical in your decision making process. This is supported by your proactive mentality and a can-do attitude.


Who we are.
Nexus is an aggressively expanding business within the Gaming Industry, based out of Malta, with international development hubs. The business is highly developed in both B2C and B2B services and requires a team that is highly proactive and career driven. You would be a member of a very young and forward thinking team with fast career growth opportunity.
To apply: To find out more about the role and to apply, please email us your CV and cover letter to

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