Operations Manager in Malta

The main responsibilities include but are not limited to:

Communicate and relay information with relevant departments within the company to ensure all operations are working together.
Operating effectively within the company hierarchy and across departmental boundaries, such as Marketing, IT and third parties.
Support in-house interaction, the Director of Customer Service will plan and implement projects to make the customer support operation, and coordination with other departments, effective and efficient.
Be in charge of developing, coordinating, guiding and maintaining the strategic vision, policies and objectives, and ensuring world class service will be delivered to our clients.
Be in charge of coordinating the presentation of monthly and quarterly statistic reports and assisting management with effective decisions by determining and sharing important client service information in a clear and concise manner.
Provide in-depth client service analyses in the service strategy, based on internal and industry trends, to ensure our competitive advantage is enhanced.
Be in charge of coordinating weekly support management meetings.
Be responsible for the Operations Manager and Team Managers and measuring them against a set of Key Performance Indicators and criteria.
Ensure that exceptional customer support is delivered at all times.
Provide insight and direction in the planning of the entire customer Service operation.
Help to ensure the best possible customer experience by responding to customers within a minimum time frame with superior quality.
Optimize customer support and manage processes to monitor employee performance.
Plan and implement projects to make the customer support operation and coordination with other departments effective and efficient.
Ensure that Support Centre teams are aligned with the company’s client service strategy.
Monitor the performance of the client service provided to the external clients to ensure that the deliverables are being met.
Communicate performance expectations and responsibilities on an ongoing basis to ensure that performance expectations are clearly understood by reporting managers and agents.
Oversee functional activities, facilitates and resolves issues through effective problem solving and communication skills.
Direct and oversee all aspects of the company’s client service policies, objectives and initiatives.
Identifies client service trends that can create and enhance the competitive advantage of the company.
Assists management with effective decisions by determining and sharing pertinent client service information in a clear and concise manner.
Drive technology innovations and development through operations to ensure that optimal work processes are used.
Lead best practice of policies and procedures, and business process improvements in the Customer Service area of the business.


Experience in similar position within iGaming industry
Strong leadership and management skills;
Very good organizational skills;
Excellent interpersonal skills;
Self-directed pro-active and creative personality with amazing analytical skills and passionate about WEB and business
Person with initiative good problem-solving skills – ability to define problems and suggest solutions, as well as manage multiple projects concurrently
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