Python Developer in Malta

Develop, maintain and integrate online gaming-related tools and systems

Key Responsibilities:

· Meet with stakeholders to understand their needs and discuss technical solutions
· Perform and oversee launches and updates; manage development process
· Design, architect and develop a new set of gaming related systems
· Develop and maintain the existing online set of products and services
· Produce documentation for software requirements and change requests
· Work throughout the full development life-cycle, using Agile development processes
· Develop and implement test plans including alpha, beta and unit testing
· Ensure your code is optimised, documented, properly structured, meets industry standards and views are compatible with browsers, devices or operating systems
· Use best practices for OOP and code re-usability

Technical skills:

· 3+ years experience in a Python development role
· Very strong OO programming skills
· Very good understanding of PHP OO Design patterns (Lazy Load, Singleton, etc)
· Good understanding of Web systems architecture (requests handling, caching, etc)
· Good server setup and administration in Linux-based OS (LAMP stack)
· Experience with MySQL or PostgresSQL
· Experience in noSQL databases (column-family store, column oriented, document oriented or key-value store) – Redis would be considered a plus;
· Coding standards-compliant HTML5 / CSS3
· Experience using version control systems (e.g. Git, SVN)
· Experience with message queue systems would be a plus (ActiveMQ, RabbitMQ, ZeroMQ)
· Excellent skills in designing and building robust database solutions using MySQL, and/or other RDBMS.

Desirable Skills:

· Experience with MVC Frameworks (Django, Web2py, etc)
· Previous experience on online gaming systems development/integration;
· Proven experience in high-traffic and high-available systems;
· Commercial experience in Python would definitely be considered an asset;
· Experience in setting up and maintaining Linux servers and have specific knowledge in setting up and maintaining Apache, MySQL and Python;
· Understanding of Query optimisation and database storage engines.

Soft skills:

· A can-do attitude, capable of leading and motivating others
· Committed team worker
· Good communication skills
· Ability to think creatively
· Hard working individual with pride on his/her work

Education / Qualifications:

· A computer science related degree would be considered an asset
· Vendor certificates related to the subject would be considered an asset

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