Recruitment Officer

At Nicholls Moisa we believe in the power of knowledge and helping our people reach their full potential by working closely with them in helping them understand our client and candidate market fully.

We won’t leave you by yourself and we will never ask you to do anything that our Director won’t do. We won’t pressure you in sales calls and unrealistic KPI’s and we will never ask you to develop our client list until you are fully ready and you feel that is the step you want to take.

Initially, you will be working with our director Fran and our manager, Katerina in resourcing suitable applicants for our clients operating in the financial services sector.  Typical roles include: auditors, accountants, lawyers, corporate administrators, compliance professional, investment and asset management professionals.

Full training will be provided in resourcing and researching methodology, headhunting (though you will probably do headhunting after 6 months), interviewing and assessing candidates.  Once you become a fully fledged recruitment officer you will have an option to either develop further in executive search resourcing or become a consultant – this will be left entirely up to you and you will probably change your mind at least 3 times before deciding – it’s ok, we will support that.

You will need to be an independent individual: you enjoy taking ownership of your responsibilities and you are results driven. Professional success motivates you and you want to be recognised as a leader in your sector. You need to face an interest in the financial services industry, otherwise you will be bored to death – we are not your typical recruitment agency. We know the financial services sector like the back of our hand and we have a strong technical understanding of the sector dynamics and you will need to embody that knowledge fully and constantly keep yourself updated with market developments by reading specialist journals.

We frequently organise educational clinics for our sector so you will need to be an astute individual, who can anticipate market needs and is a keen problem solver.

It goes without saying that you will need to be an excellent communicator, fluency in English and Maltese is required, as well as being a good listener – the type that listens to understand and not to reply.

If you feel you would enjoy working in recruitment and you have the necessary skills to succeed, call Fran on 00356 9939 5315 . No e-mails

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