VIP Manager – Malta

VIP Manager

In this role, you will be responsible to create and execute a VIP management strategy and build a long term relationships with top tier customers for our brands.

The role:
It is crucially important for them to continue building and maintaining world-class quality and how they portray and communicate to our customers. For this reason they need a VIP Manager to wear the leadership mantel and use your creative style to effectively create a VIP strategy for their top notch customers.

You will monitor individual customers’ as well as the whole segment’s performance and act to maximize the results through your people and also your own efforts.

Consideration, respect and trust is a very important aspect in this role. They believe that people generally respond according to the way they are treated.…if you give a little, you will invariably get a lot back. Make people feel more important and give them a sense of personal worth. Ideally, they would like you to position yourself in this way and treat with consideration and respect, and as responsible individuals who wish to serve the organisation well. You will also work closely with business partners to acquire new VIP players, co-ordinate conversions, work on retentions and also reactivation campaigns. In addition, you’ll be a role model in building strong relationships with customers and ensure that best service to our VIP players is provided. In connection with this, you’ll interpret and address player’s behaviours interests and dislikes and present suggestions to these. Finally, you’ll also plan and host events to entertain their players.

You are service oriented and understand how their business works and understand organizational systems. This includes the capacity to detect crucial social networks and understand changing dynamics and power relationships.

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