An Introduction to iGaming Jobs in Malta

An Introduction to iGaming Jobs in Malta

An Introduction to iGaming Jobs in Malta

iGaming in Malta is now the country’s second most important industry after tourism, and it also attracts higher salaries than most sectors in the economy.

So anyone looking at job opportunities in Malta should make sure to pay attention to this ever-expanding industry.

So how do we define iGaming? Basically it is any form of gaming or gambling which can be done over the internet, and it encompasses sports, casino games and financial trading among others.

Don’t be disheartened if you don’t have direct iGaming experience on your CV, as there are a wider variety of job opportunities than you may think. Of course there are a number of roles for IT specialists, and if your skills match then this is an obvious fit. Outside of that however there are always positions for those fluent in a second language, there are Marketing, Payments, Security and Human Resources roles as well as positions suited for those with excellent knowledge of particular sports or financial markets.

Take a look at recruitment websites to see what skills are being asked for, and tailor your CV accordingly. Try to take courses in relevant areas to increase your knowledge, and don’t be afraid to look at entry level jobs for some of the bigger companies on the island as a way to get your foot in the door.

The world of online gaming offers a lot of great opportunities for job-seekers on the island, so maybe it’s time to roll the dice and find that perfect gaming job!

by David Ross O’Connor

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