How to find a job you love

How to find a job you love
If you’re feeling, disengaged, underappreciated , underpaid and generally unhappy with your job…you’re not alone.
Many people hate their jobs and know that they really want to do something different but stay in their miserable jobs for a long time nonetheless. Probably their main reason for not being brave and leaving is that they haven’t actually figured out what it is that they would love to do.
By learning how to research options, realize your strengths and acquire new skills as well as muster the courage to take a big chance, you can discover the career that’s right for you. Even if you’re trapped in a position you don’t like too much, with no realistic opportunities for change in the future, there are still ways to find more joy and satisfaction in what you do.
How do you gain satisfaction from your work?
A – You can choose or just change careers to something that you are passionate about.
B – You can find purpose and joy in a profession that you don’t love.
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” Finding a company you  love working for can have a profound impact on your lifetime happiness”
Three Tips to help you to find that dream job:
1 – Self-Discovery 
First of all, try to find out which kind of activities you really enjoy doing and see if you can turn that pleasure or hobby into a revenue source.
2 – Follow your curiosity 
It’s very important to follow your curiosity and uncover your less obvious interests. The reason it’s important is that those interests tap into your unique motivations that separate you from other people. Pursuing them sets you on the path of unlocking who you are and your creativity.
3 – Check out the company culture 
Look for companies that share your values. Don’t just apply for any old job. Take it a step further by using your social networks like LinkedIn, Google + or in some cases Facebook, to discover who you know at the company. Always ask them for insight and information on the culture in general, as well as about the job that you are looking for.
by Daniela Bernardes Loyola O’Connor 

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