Summer Job

Why get a summer job?

Summer is here, and a lot of seasonal work is available.

Not everybody is aware of the opportunities to boost your CV that seasonal work can offer. But we at Best Jobs in Malta are here to tell you that it can be a huge boost to the rest of your career because there are several advantages for you think about getting out there and applying for some seasonal vacancies, whether you are leaving full time education, in between jobs, or just looking to supplement your income.

A summer job is also a good way for you to learn and practice how to come across well in interviews, which is a skill that you will use forever, so the more jobs you apply for, the better you will get at interviewing.


Summer jobs can offer you the opportunity to discover a new skill or an interest you never ever knew you had.  What begins as a part-time job could develop into something which opens your mind will and is totally empowering.

Five Reasons to get a for summer job: 

5 – Save Money – A summer job is a perfect way to save for that nice holiday or great treat, and we all need to think about money these days so having an extra source of income is not to be sneezed at.

4 – Learning new skills – Getting a summer job can help with skills development and you will have a chance to explore who you are and where you want to go. In Malta as the tourism and hospitality boom hits during the holidays it offers a good opportunity to have some experience of interviewing and working with different people, and it will develop your teamwork skills.



3 – Discover what you really want from a job – In a summer job you can find out what you like and don’t like about a job.  Its a way to discover and to analyze whether you like the area that you are working in and if it is something that you want to make into a career in future.




2 – Boost and upgrade your CV – A summer job is a fantastic way to show that you are flexible and applied. The truth is that employers tend to like people who show they have a real work ethic and who will push the limits of their comfort zone and try new things.




1 –  Keep Networking – With a summer job you will get your name out there, and it is important to remember that many people have turned their summer jobs into a full-time or long-term occupations after the season has ended.




A manager may  see an opportunity arise and then think of you, so the connections you forge now can serve you well much later in life as long as you handle them correctly.


by Daniela Bernardes Loyola O’Connor  

(bio) – Daniela is a successful blogger and online marketer, and she is also involved in online recruitment for companies in Malta and Brazil.

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