How a MOOC Can Kick-start Your Career

How a MOOC Can Kick-start Your Career

The question a number of people will ask upon reading this headline is: “What exactly is a MOOC?”.

Well MOOC stands for ‘Massive Open Online Course’, basically a free online course provided by different universities and educational establishments around the world.   Not just any old educational establishments either, as luminaries such as Stanford, Yale, MIT and Harvard all offer these free courses, so why not avail of the opportunity to virtually attend the school of your dreams?

So what are the other reasons you should be signing up for a MOOC today?

1.       Convenient Learning:  It’s an online course, so you get to choose your own hours and can fit your learning experience around your current job or responsibilities.

2.       Wide Range of Options:  Because there is no cost involved, you can sample courses from hugely different fields and this can give you an idea of the path you want your career to take.  From Art to Zoology there is a MOOC out there for you.

3.       Low Cost:  Unlike a traditional university course which can run to tens of thousands of euros, a MOOC is generally offered for free or at a nominal cost.  Some institutions charge for printing off a certificate, but in general this is an opportunity to enhance your knowledge without paying for the privilege.

4.       Networking:  When you enter the world of virtual learning, you also enter a community of like-minded individuals across the globe.  The contacts you make could prove advantageous when it comes to future career opportunities.

5.       Boost Your CV:  Employers are impressed by individuals who show initiative, and taking an online course in your own time shows levels of dedication and interest which will make your C.V. stand out from the crowd.

Check out some of the courses available for free from sites such as and Coursera, and take your career in a new direction.

by David Ross O’Connor How a MOOC Can Kick-start Your Career

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