National Insurance Malta

National Insurance Malta

National insurance and the tax revenue contribute to funds for Malta’s healthcare system. Usually one doesn’t have to pay at all for national insurance; unless off-course if you are not eligible for the benefits. Malta’s national insurance has strong inspiration from UK; except for it is not residence-based. Foreign citizens can be entitled to healthcare benefits if they work and are paying for the contributions at social security.

Moreover, Maltese residents are growing private rapidly, resulting in increase in private insurance. As of the latest report, the national insurance expenditure had decreased to 65% in Malta.

The Social Security Act of Malta states that following persons are entitled to national insurance:

  • Individuals of 16 age or above
  • Not retirees
  • Self-employed, self-occupied or employed

For a self-occupied individual at Malta; you must have an income of more or less €910 annually. And as for the self-employed category:

  • You must be under 65
  • You must not be a full-time student or in training
  • You must not be self-occupied or employed
  • You must not have entitled for welfare benefits

The system of insurance contribution is based on income-testing. These are for benefits of social security like maternity or unemployment.

Other beneficiaries:

The dependent children and the spouse are equally eligible for free healthcare insurance in Malta. If on a pension from government, one can easily qualify for it. Moreover, chronically ill or low-income individuals can also be insured because they fall in social assistance category.

European Expats:

European health Insurance Card (EHIC) can grant individuals healthcare services just as Maltese residents, if one is a European citizen. But this is only for medical services whilst your stay at Malta. Certain individuals can opt out to pay the contributions to their home country’s social insurance while their stay at Malta. This is possible if you apply for and get the portable document S1. So if the portable document S1 has been issued to you, you must immediately apply for Entitlement unit. Free healthcare services in Malta can be secured if you keep the certificate of Entitlement.

Expats from UK:

Reciprocal Health Agreement between Malta and UK, UK nationals who are ordinary citizens at Malta can be entitled to free healthcare services. They are then entitled to RHA entitlement card. However, this card doesn’t entitle any UK national to:

  • EHIC card of Malta
  • Free NHS in UK home, even if it is a matter of surgery that is unavailable at Malta
  • Free services of healthcare if he is not in Malta
National Insurance Malta

National Insurance Malta


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