Social Services Malta

Social Services Malta

Malta is the best place for people who love to get a tan in the radiance of sunlight. Malta is situated in the centre of Mediterranean and has hills with slopes having adjoining fields. It is an ideal place to live as it has a low cost of living and its climate is appealing. If you wish to have vacations at such a place then buy your tickets and pack your bags as soon as possible. The lifestyle at Malta is quite lavish and it has recently become a popular place among people of South Africa. They come and get settled here and enjoy a high class lifestyle that people didn’t think could ever be possible.

Water sport lovers would find this place to be completely amazing with spots for yachting, fishing, scuba diving and other sports too. A peaceful place with several restaurants, beaches, paths, cafes, bars, art, culture and you’ll definitely have a great shopping experience here. Malts is politically stable, has a low crime rate and the government is democratic. The most unique thing about this island is its rich history that is still visible today. There is an excess of ancient sites and museums from the copper age.

There is a remarkable package of taxation with several benefits for the permanent residents of Malta. Funds that are imported only have a tax of 15%. All the income that is generated or sent out is done on the basis of this rate. Per annum, only Lm 1,800 is paid. For the whole amount to not be brought into the country all one applicant has to do is produce evidence that states their capital assets to be of Lm 150,000 or their per annum income to be Lm 10,000. These taxation agreements exist in several countries which ensure that tax is not paid more than once.

English, Maltese and Italian are the basic languages that are spoken in Malta. People who are better at writing and speaking Maltese have more chances of getting a job. Italy is the commercial partner of this Island which makes Italian language a bonus in landing a job.

Mostly vacancies for jobs are filled really fast here and there are not much seats available. Foreigners usually find jobs by getting to know the place and people first and then by the help of networking and socializing land good jobs. The highest paid salaries are for jobs involving sales, IT, computers, translation word or technology. Jobs in bars, cafes or hotels are available but are not advertised somewhere else then the place itself which makes finding such jobs a tedious work.

Social Services Malta


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